News from the Principal


Dear Parents,

At this writing, the bus strike is still affecting many of our students at PS255 and throughout the city. The Department of Education is hoping for an early resolution so all students can return to school.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s unit or the Parent Coordinator Daniry Lopez at (347) 563-4496. Our Teachers are happy to help and send home work for your child or you can call and speak directly to the teacher. If your child cannot get to school you can check our website for information and resources, Http://

As you know, all N.Y.C. schools have been reviewing safety protocols since the tragedy at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. Our teaching staff is aware of the procedures and we will be vigilant in keeping our children safe. During parent teacher conferences in the Spring, please ask any questions you may have about safety as well as your child’s education. You will be getting information shortly on the date and time of the conferences.

In the next few months you will also be receiving information about next year if your child is graduating from our middle or high school program. Or, if they will be articulating (moving up) from their elementary school. The district 75 placement office makes all decisions but we will help you throughout the process.

The winter is just beginning so remember to update any phone numbers or emergency contacts in case of any weather related issues so we can keep in touch with you in the event of a problem at school. Thank you for your continued support to our school and your child’s education.

Yours Truly,

Richard Marowitz




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