End of Year Activities

Congratulations everybody – we have made it through two months of online learning! We miss you all and we can’t wait to all be back together in our lovely classrooms. In the meantime, it is wonderful to see all the hard work our students have been doing at home. Please keep logging on to your Google Classrooms, completing activities and meeting with your teachers and related service providers. Also, check out our brand new Family Resource Page where you can find supports from our school, parent coordinator and community resources.

Here are just some of the activities and important dates we have planned as we wind down the school year.

Students working on art activity.
Some of our students working on art projects for our exhibition.
  • June 3rd -255Q’s virtual day of the ARTS
  • June 4th- Chancellor’s Day of professional development for all staff.
  • June 5th- 255Q’s APE virtual field day.  More information will be shared shortly.

We will also be cheering on our wonderful graduates this month as they move up and onward. We are organizing some beautiful virtual ceremonies. Graduate parents will receive an email invite soon. Save the date!

Graduation hat
  • June 16th – 307 graduation ceremony.
  • June 17th – 397 graduation ceremony.
  • June 18th – 154 graduation ceremony.
  • June 19th – 168 graduation ceremony.
  • June 24th – P7 graduation ceremony.
  • June 25th – 128 graduation ceremony.

Please check out our new Family Resource page Here you can find all kinds of resources and supports from our parent coordinator.

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