Message from Mr Lopez

Dear P255Q Parents,                                                                                                            

It is hard to believe that we will begin our graduations and moving up ceremonies this week. When we left our school the last week of March there was much uncertainty.  As the end of our school year approaches, I want to update and thank you for all of  your energy and effort to stay connected with the school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite many challenges, we all remained connected to each other and I am proud of what we have accomplished. 


Summer school-Though we have had some conflicting information it appears that the Chapter 683 Summer program will be remotely delivered.  The flow of the day will remain similar to the practices we have in place currently. We will work together to increase live interactions with students.  As part of summer school instruction, synchronous instruction will occur. Synchronous instruction is defined as some live interaction between the teacher and a student or students each day at a scheduled time at the discretion of the teacher and parent. This summer will allow us time to prepare, develop and set up these practices in preparation for September. 

September 2020- Chancellor Carranza has been very transparent through this process and has shared that his decisions are continually evolving. Plans and provisions are being made for a ‘Blended‘ model of instruction in September. A parent survey has been sent to all families requesting feedback to help determine the design of instruction. Fill out your survey and have your thoughts and concerns be heard. 

We may not have all of the answers, but please join me on Tuesday during our Parent Connection Meeting at 11am for updates and to have any of your questions answered. Send an email to our Parent Coordinator, Nora Eckert for a meeting link at 

Thank you,

Gregg Lopez

P255Q Principal

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