P255Q Family Fun Night 2019!

Family Fun Night is an annual celebration of our P255q community. Our PTA works tirelessly to create a night where our school’s families and staff can come together for an evening filled with joy and camaraderie, reminiscence and creating new memories. Among the activities attendees were able to enjoy were dancing, a magic show, faceContinue reading “P255Q Family Fun Night 2019!”

Autism Awareness & Acceptance Outreach Project @ P255q @ PS128

April is Autism Awareness Month. Alison Brennan and the staff at P255q @ PS128 are conducting outreach to the General Education students that we share our school building with. Alison presented a brief introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as a review of the supports we as a school use with our students. AtContinue reading “Autism Awareness & Acceptance Outreach Project @ P255q @ PS128”

Autism Awareness Family Fun Night last Friday was a huge success at P255Q!

It was a great night for everyone at P255Q! Our students, families, staff, and friends  had a great time! There was dancing upstairs in the big gym. Downstairs was arts and crafts, tattoos, and face painting. There was staff from all our sites!    The night ended with a magic show, cotton candy, cake, and ice cream-Continue reading “Autism Awareness Family Fun Night last Friday was a huge success at P255Q!”

Article: Why Kids With Autism May Avoid Eye Contact

Here is an excerpt from an eye-opening article from the Live Science website: Children with autism often have difficulty making eye contact, and now a new study suggests this may be due in part to how their brains process visual information, rather than being purely a social deficit. In the study, children with autism showed activity overContinue reading “Article: Why Kids With Autism May Avoid Eye Contact”

Join the QSI OWLS/P255 Team at Autism Speaks Walkathon!

Attention, QSI and PS 255! We are collaborating to honor students with autism by participating in the Autism Speaks Walkathon. That’s right! We are walking for the people on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Anybody can come, family and friends! Spread the word! If you have any questions, speak to Ahra Sung, Mr. Penagos, or membersContinue reading “Join the QSI OWLS/P255 Team at Autism Speaks Walkathon!”