P255 @ P.S. 128Q


P255 @ P.S. 128Q
69-10 65th Drive
Middle Village, NY 11379
Phone: 718-326-6250
Unit Coordinator: Melissa Benzel

P255 @ P.S. 128Q is located in Middle Village, NY. There are five elementary 6:1:1 classes at this site. Our program is individualized, functional, age appropriate, highly structured and utilizes the Unique Learning System which is a complete standards-based curriculum program designed specifically for students with special needs aligned to the CCLS (Common Core Learning Standards).

Population: 6:1:1

Number of Classes: 5

Cluster Classes: APE and ADL

Clubs: Girls Club

We utilize the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a teaching method based on learning theory and scientific principles and TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children), which utilizes highly visual planning and organization strategies, and predictable environments to increase the overall independence of learners on the autism spectrum. The components of P255’s ABA/TEACCH program include:

  • Discrete trial/incidental teaching methods, which are data based.
  • Systems of Reinforcement, which are specific to each student.
  • The generalization of mastered skills across different staff members, materials, and settings.
  • Daily Schedules
  • Work Systems

Our cluster classes are Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which focuses on self-care skills and Adaptive Physical Education (APE) which promotes physical activity and motor development.

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