P255 @ P.S. 307Q


P255 @ P.S. 307Q (PB 55)
75-02 40-20 100th Street
NY 11368
Phone: (718) 779-5241

Unit Coordinator:  Vanessa Graham

P255 @ P.S 307Q is located in Corona, NY.  There are 5 Kindergarten – Grade 5 classrooms with a 6:1:1 class ratio and 1 Grade 2-3 classroom with a 12:1:1 class ratio.  The TEACCH methodology is implemented in all classes.  JARS  is used by teachers in classrooms during routine activities.  Literacy and Adapted Physical Education are programs provided to students.  Teachers follow the UNIQUE curriculum which is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).  SMILE, EDMARK and FUNDATIONS are reading programs utilized with students.  The ATTAINMENT math program is being implemented in our 6:1:1 classes while GO MATH! is utilized for our 12:1:1 students.


6:1:1 classes for students with autism

12:1:1 class for students with varying disabilities 

Number of Classrooms:  6

Cluster Programs:  2 (Adapted Physical Education and Literacy)

Girls Club
The 307 Girls Club has been meeting since the 2010-2011 school term.  The club meets every Tuesday at 2:10 and focuses on a variety of social skills.  The members are involved in art and dance activities.  Group board games that focus on the students interests are played (i.e. Tea Party Game).  The members also play fashion dress up. We have an awesome time!

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