Student Resources

Educational Websites for Students

Wide Open School Learning online and offline activities in all subjects for all ages including suggested schedules.

BrainpopJr Geared towards K-3 students, this product of BrainPOP also creates animated, curricular content and activities that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement.

Common Sense Media This site is full of tips on online health and wellbeing. It has honest, details of reviews of thousands of movies and video games so you can decide if they are right for your children. It also has plenty of resources for identifying and dealing with cyberbullying and other social media issues.

Rivet Free leveled reading books with follow along and read aloud features.

MInecraft Education Edition This is an educational version of the popular block-based game. It is free to download and you can login with your account and password

Sesame Street Games, videos and activities featuring some favorite characters. Educational online games sorted by grade level.

Go Noodle Free movement activities with music.

News2You Current affairs content designed for special education students. Request a free trial and content is free for duration of school closure.

Websites with suggested unplugged activities.

NYC Learn at Home Resources NYC DOE regularly updates suggested activities and assignments by grade level. Early learning activities are appropriate for many of our younger students.

Busy Toddler Activities

Waterford Activities for Autism Teaching

Free favorite Apps links to iStore and Google Play Store

Thomas and Friends Magic Tracks


PBS Kids Games


ABC Mouse

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